Adventure Tours

Click for more infoCome and explore the beautiful country of Ghana where you will have the adventure holiday of a life time.

Bird and wildlife Tours

Click for more infoGhana is country of many different habitats which are the home to thousands of exotic species of animals, birds and plants.


Forest Bird watching tours

Ghana is the place to be so as forest birding is concerned.Click for more infoGhana is blessed with forests that are easy to access.The recent rediscovery of  Picathertes in one of the forest areas in Ghana and easy to see endemic species makes it a must visit country for birders.The canopy walk way at Kakum forest which goes right inside the forest and brings the canopy birds to eye level is an added bonus for birders visiting Ghana.

Cultural and wildlife Tours

Click for more infoGhana has a very wonderful and rich history going back millennia. Your tour will allow you to experience Ghana's great history and heritage

Bespoke Tours

Click for more infoAll our tours are tailored to your specific needs. Our guides have extensive knowledge and experience and can make your African dream holiday come true.

Historical Tours

Ghana is a country that is rich inhistory,most of the storiesClick for more info behind great event that happened in the past has been passed down generations orally or otherwise .For some, great monuments,buildings and statues erected hundreds of years ago still stands as a testimony.As we walk you down history lane,we shall visit some of the great monuments and building erected years back to make your visit a very memorable one.