This is certainly the best AKWABA(welcome)you will experience in Africa. Known for its hospitality and laid back attitude of its people ,Ghana is the ideal choice for any first time visitor to Africa.This 14day tour tour visits all of Ghana highlight capturing cultures,traditions,history and the people.


Arrival at kotoka international airport,you will be met by our guides who will transfer you to our hotel and carefully brief you on the tour.You will also have our akwaba drink.

DAY TWO:(Culture and wildlife)

Cape Coast CastleGet immersed in the culture as we head to the cultural village of Tafi Atome in the volta region of Ghana.Pay respect to the elders of the land,enjoy traditional dancing and drumming before heading to the surrounding forest to see the local population of Mona monkeys believed by this people to be sacred ,we shall be told why this monkeys are sacred by the very people of this land.


Visit Tafi Abuife kente weaving village. Kente is Ghana's most precious cloth and it is believed that the art of kente weaving started from thialk ways village before the Ashanti warriors defeated them in a tribal war and took away their best weavers to kumasi in Ashanti region. Today we shall learn the art of weaving from the originators.
After lunch we will travel down to somaya for another lesson,this time bead making.We shall watch as glass bead makers start and finish the art. Beads are traditional necklaces and bangle of  Ghana people and are worn during special festivals.


As this tour combines the best of culture,history and nature,today we shall head west to explore kakum national park.We will walk on Africa's only canopy walk way.This canopy walk way is heisted 40 meters above the forest floor and is attached to seven emerging huge trees in a splendor of tropical rain forest.On this canopy we shall look out for spot nosed,mona monkeys and some colourful big birds.

            After lunch we will visit st. George's castle at Elmina in a bid to retrace the footsteps of the African slaves who where shipped from this castle to the new world during the slave trade era.


We will visit the cape coast castle today,another slave trade route and a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.
   Back in our lake side hotel after lunch we shall watch the hotel attendants feed the crocodiles,have a look at some colourful birds around the lake before leaving for kumasi the capital of Ashanti region.


You will be enchanted with the kejetia market,west Africa's largest outdoor market.Here you are free to test your bargaining power on any of the souvenir that attracts you.mosqueWe will also visit the Manhyia palace the throne of the Ashanti king known as the Ashantihene.
            After lunch we will visit king Prempe jubilee museum located at the heart of kumasi.


We arrive the northern region of Ghana and mole national park to be precise. Enjoy nature trails in the park,come very close to the largest land mammal in the world(African savanna elephant),see wharthog,many species of monkeys,antelopes,crocs, large birds etc.This may well be the closest and clearest you can see this animal as they keep coming closer while you relax at the pool side of our motel.

           While here we will visit Larabanga mosque,another world heritage site located in a unique moslem village.It is also home to one of the world's oldest Koran.The mosque is one of the oldest in west Africa and the oldest in Ghana.If time permit we will also visit Manori another interesting village near the national park.This villages have a lot to offer in terms of culture.


Arrive at Sirigu.This tour of Sirigu a traditional village in the northern Ghana begins at the office of Sirigu women organization of poetry and art (SWAPO).This village is known for its traditional architecture ,pottery and wall design.We will learn their history,art and culture. Understand the level of women involvement in culture and tradition of the people. Other places to visit at Sirigu includes the chief's palace,scared groves and the local market.


As we journey downwards toward Kumasi,we will stop at Tongo hills near Bologatanga in the upper east region,here we will meet the people who still believe that animal skin  remains the best form of dressing,we will pay courtesy call to the Tongo king,learn a little of their culture before continuing our journey to Kumasi. Another stop over will be at kintampo water falls waterfallgenerally regarded to be the most beautiful water fall in Ghana.If time permit we will also stop at Boabeng -fiema monkey sanctuary before arriving kumasi where we will overnight.



AccraAt kumasi we will begin the day by visiting the national cultural center,once more we will have the opportunity to learn about the culture of the warlike people of the Ashanti. After lunch we continue our journey southwards to Accra.


In Accra we shall experience the hustle and bustle of Makola market.This promises to be a very colourful,loud and great shopping adventure.We will also  visit the the Kwame Nkruma mausoleum.


We shall visit the National museum and Accra cultural center time permitting before going back to our hotel for your final preparation and departure.

Remember, our tours are flexible and the length of tour can be adjusted for the days you have available.