Adventure Tours Itinary

Day 1

Upon arrival our guides will meet you at the airport from where you will be taken to our nearby hotel where you can settle in and relax after your flight.

Day 2

We will depart early going eastwards; we will then make a stopover at the Shai Hills reserve for wildlife viewing and a short visit to the caves. After this we will head for the Volta Region and the area around Biakpa.

Day 3

Rope descent to the canyon floorThe real adventure starts here as we discover the water falls at the Kulugu river canyon. It is unnecessary to say too much about this about this area, it is better to discover it oneself. You will be thrilled by the forest trails and the short descents to the canyon floor on fixed ropes.

Day 4

After a good rest from the previous day hiking, we will climb Mount Gemi which has an altitude of 900 meters. From the top of this mountain, you will see spectacular viewsMount Gemi over the Avatime Hills; from here you can also see as far as Togo. The cross which was mounted on the summit of the mountain by a German American in 1939 will be our finishing point before descending.

Day 5

Today we head for Mount Afadjato and Laiti Wote. Mount Afajdato is generally regarded as the highestMount Afadjato peak in Ghana, which will become apparent when we finally make it to the top. We shall also visit the impressive Tagbo waterfall which has a refreshing plunge pool at the base.

Day 6

We cannot leave the Volta region without a visit to the Wli Falls on the River Agumatsu.Wli Falls This is the highest waterfall anywhere in West Africa. The foot path leading to the falls is an attraction in its own right.

Days 7 and 8

Bathing elephantThese two days in Mole National Park will certainly remain in your memory for ever; amongst other things we will come face to face with what must be the tamest African Elephants in the wild, countless antelopes, delightful birds, monkeys,crocodiles, water monitors, warthogWarthog   and many other animals. You will be enchanted...


Day 9

As we leave Mole national park and head for Cape Coast we shall have a brief stop overMona Monkey at Kintampo falls, the most beautiful waterfall in Ghana, A stop at the Boabeng-Fiema monkey sanctuary will bring you face to face with beautiful Mona monkeys, Black and White Colobus and other species.

Day 10

walk wayToday we will visit Kakum National Park’s highly celebrated canopy Walkway, the only one in Africa, and the pride of Ghana. A walk on the walkway suspended between seven huge forest trees will fascinate you as you look down at the forest. Our hotel here is an attraction in itself as it is built around a lake with many crocodiles and birds.

Day 11

GhanaWe return to Accra where it all started, a drive round Accra for some final sight-seeing and shopping before driving you to the airport for your departure.

Remember, our tours are flexible and the length of tour can be adjusted for the says you have available.