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Malimbe Tours is recognized as one of the leading tour companies in Ghana. We are known for our flexibility in making a tour work for you.

Malimbe Tours is based in Ghana and run by local, experienced guides. Your tour will directly help the local people and economies of the areas we visit. The profits from the tours can be re-invested back into the economy at the local level, without the loss of revenue to overseas offices. By choosing Malimbe Tours, you are really helping to make a difference.

Ghana is a West African country with a difference; this English speaking West African nation is a microcosm of the African continent, with its tropical rainforests, mountains, coastal marshes and Sahelian savannah. Ghana stands out as an outstanding destination and an exceptional introduction to sub-Saharan Africa.

Ghana is politically stable and without a doubt the friendliest nation in West Africa. A tour in this country will provide you with the opportunity to tour safely in the Upper Guinea endemic area as our experienced guides take you to some of the exceptionally interesting sites in our country.